Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Zoo Negara Malaysia

We spent our Deepavali this year with The Grandparents, at our national zoo. It was a bright and early start at 9 am; and it was just as well that we did.

The male panda was fast asleep when we were there. We hope to visit again when the female and cub pandas are out of confinement. InshaAllah

The little ones enjoyed the walk, ice-cream treats and tram ride on a gorgeously sunny and hot day on 10 November 2015. Actually, I was also prepared with extra set of clothes for the little ones which proved to be a smart move because Girl spilled Milo at the entrance. A Ziplock bag kept all our rubbish in during our walk until the next bin came to sight (we realized they were painted in camouflage and they were so well hidden!). Fold-up brollies shaded the young and old alike from the scorching sun.

This zoo visit ended with a heavy downpour. Fortunately, I was prepared with the fold-up brollies in my supplies' bag. During our previous visit, we were blessed with the same downpour just at noon; and it had also drizzled at the end of our day out at The London Zoo. What a coincidence!

Our family day ended with a quick lunch at Great Eastern Mall before we headed for home, exhausted but happy. Syukur alhamdulillah.


  1. Assalamualaikum,

    You were in my neighbourhood :) We've been talking about going to the zoo again to see the Pandas but never got around to do it although the zoo is a walking distance hahaha... Any idea when will the confinement period ends?

    1. Waalaikumsalam Puan L!

      My Girl was wishing she lives within walking distance so that she could volunteer at the zoo (her idea of volunteer is to play all day long and not work all day long as we adults interpret it to be, ha!).

      If you can, do keep an eye on the one day viewing in December when Mama and Cub comes out from confinement. So exclusive!

    2. Will do. Thanks for the heads up :)