Monday, 14 March 2016

My Favourite Shop

I love to shop. 

My current favourite shop is Kaleidoscope in Publika. 

It is a multi-vendor dropship and has some of the most attractive designs (to me, of course!. Whimsical, playful, artsy, nonchalant and borderline quirky designs of little finds. Bags, shoes, throw pillows, stationery, cards, wrapping paper. I could browse in there for hours!

Well, I almost spent too much money there today - so I did what was wisest at that point of time.

I said I will think over my selection and return tomorrow.

Dang! I cannot stop thinking about those little treats now. Luckily this is not Chanel!

Good night, peeps. I have a shop shutter to stalk at 10am tomorrow *teehee*


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