Sunday, 5 December 2021

End of T1 AY2021/22

Salam my lovelies,

We are well into the final 2 weeks of the first term. Bean is settled into Year 4 and Girl is spontaneously comfortable/bonded with her new teachers and classmates in Year 7. Moving to upper primary and secondary were definitely remarkable milestones (and school fees increment!). Parent Teacher Evenings are lined up for the week ahead so wish me luck!

The Christmas charity is up and we have sold 50 Sarawak Penan Bags to raise RM1260 for donation to Rumah Charis. Syukur alhamdulillah. The gift pledge cards are hung on the school Christmas tree and steady stream of presents are expected until 17 December 2021. Considering the economic outlook is not as bright as we have hoped, the generosity of many never fail to impress us. May this charity be long and blessed.

Last Friday, the very first COVID-19 cases was recorded in secondary school. The Senior Leadership Team, teachers, staff, students and parents have mostly remained calm and orderly. As of press time, there have been no new cases, no cluster has been formed and we will continue to trace and test. The year group in question are being self-isolated and lessons will continue online. Grit on! Our first school case since March 2020, what an amazing feat while it lasted.

Girl and Bean were in school for total of 2 days during their turn in rotation. The community we live in recorded 2 cases by the end of their second day at school and we immediately opted for online learning/work from home module with trips out to the grocer only when necessary. This self- imposed/strict discipline/err on side of caution have worked well for us as 3 more local cases were recorded. The Other Half stalks the community e-bulleting like a hawk and we will remain vigilant, inshaAllah. May Allah swt grant us all the strength, stamina, financial resources and protection while we ride out challenges of Omicron, Delta and annoying political situation in Malaysia.  

A little note to celebrate: I got my Pfizer booster dose!

In my journey of luxury minimalism, my closet declutter items that went to a local reliable consignment have been sold in record fast time - one Hermes Bastia coin purse which is obsolete now with e-wallet being so prevalent, one red Ferragamo belt with GHW which I bought for Christmas and CNY "uniform" but never worn, one pair of Vara jelly that I never quite broke in because leather shoes are so much more comfortable. However, my brand new Balenciaga City in the classic size is about to come home as there is no taker as yet. Maybe I will ask if I can dye it from denim to all black so that I can make it work better with my capsule wardrobe closet. I feel so light and free from having a smaller but cohesive wardrobe and those of you on this journey will agree with me that less is more.

In closing, our weekends have been spent at The House with The Grandparents. We will try to spend as much time as possible with them while we can. Life is short and best lived meaningfully with loved ones.

Stay safe!


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