Thursday, 30 May 2013

Second Pregnancy: Week 36

After the previous false alarm, we made it to Week 36, syukur alhamdulillah!. This is a big feat for me as The Little Girl arrived on Week 36.

Throughout this pregnancy, we have been praying that Bean stays in there at least until Week 38.

Evidently, and so importantly that Bean does stay put for at least two more weeks. Just look at how tiny Bean is, especially when it comes to head circumference size:

Measurements taken by Dr. Seri Suniza Sufian on 29.05.2013:
BPD: 8.75 cm (was 8.09 cm)
Head Circumference: 30.07 cm (was 28.43 cm)
Abdominal Circumference: 31.73 cm (was 28.30 cm)
Femur Length: 6.98 cm (was 6.71 cm)
Estimated Fetal Weight: 2.67 kg (was 2.1 kg)

I guess I have two new supplications to make.

Firstly, Bean to catch up on growth in the next two weeks until we see Dr. Seri again. She will be issuing the pre-admission letter only then, as over preparation may encourage Bean to think it is time *hehe, gotta love Dr. Seri*

The kind doctor did confirm that in the event Bean makes a grand exit before the next appointment, all we need to do is exactly as per what we have done during the false alarm.

1. Call the hospital, let them know that I am coming over.
2. Head towards E.R. and tell the staff that I am in labour.
3. Ask for wheelchair and be taken to the labour ward.
4. Get on with business while the midwife calls Dr. Seri.

Secondly, Bean is in occiput posterior position. Hope Bean turns to occiput anterior or else I will be in for so many variables which may include back labour and higher risk of c-sec. I guess I will try going on my hands and knees for 10 minutes daily for now to try turning Bean.

When we saw the ultrasound scan, my heart swelled a little more with love and affection. Bean was taking a gulp/yawning then rubbed both eyes with both fists before settling down for a bit. I presume it was a nap.

The Little Girl was as sweet as ever to Dr. Seri. Instead of giving a running commentary like she did last time, she occupied herself with the step ladder and blankets when the ultrasound was being conducted. The Other Half was too busy making sure The Little Girl was not disturbing the kind doctor that he missed most of the session.

Dr. Seri also hosted an intern this time. She, the intern, must have overheard one of the most robust discussions on, inter alia:

- dermatology of pregnancy (I look like I have a watermelon plastered onto my belly now)

- pain management (yes, epidural at 3 to 4 cm dilation pretty please. I want to enjoy birthing suffer less back labour, even if some say epidural hinders turning at the very last moment)

- allergy management (let's just stick to KY Jelly instead of Hexidin Cream)

- vaginal exams and how uncomfortable they can be if not done properly (choice, or the lack thereof when it comes to midwives on duty roster)

- external perineum massage using virgin coconut oil (Tanamera set)

- drinking virgin coconut oil to prime the body for labour (Tanamera set)

- breastfeeding support network (some cyber bullies out there, watch out!)

- breastfeeding flash mobs in support of nursing in public (I have nursing cover and seek out nursing rooms most of the time. More on this later)

- gentle birthing group (I am not really into an all natural home birth/water birth)

- home care for The Little Girl while I go into labour (The Grandparents, of course!)

Oh dear, I think I may have chat too much into the appointment time. I hope the intern didn't get the impression that all pregnant hormonal ladies give that much feedback...

In sha Allah, two more weeks, Bean!


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