Friday, 31 May 2013

Second Pregnancy: Recliner

The most expensive seat in our living room comfortable recliner for my pregnant body.
We bought ours at Harvey Norman, IPC, Malaysia a few months ago (as a present to me) to sit comfortably whilst being pregnant and soon to be breastfeeding again, in sha Allah. We saw many other models from many other shops but found this to be "the one".

No regrets! This is now my "go to sleep solution" when the cramps and aches get in the way of a restful slumber, especially at night.
Comfort: Buttery soft leather with the right lumbar and neck support. High back to suit relatively tall people in this household.
Recline Angle: Follows body contour and weight. Love how simply this works with your own body weight (increasing, in my pregnant case) and has no buttons or pedals (easy for handling when breastfeeding).
Childproof: No sharp bits, no sharp angles. No loose hanging bits. We have a 3 year old at home, remember? Soon to be born Bean who will eventually be crawling and exploring too, remember?
Care: Easy to maintain with soft wipe and full range of leather care products.
Price: Very reasonable since you cannot measure comfort, sleep and safety in terms of $$$!


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