Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Yayasan Seni - MyBatik

Last Saturday, The Little Girl went on a play date with two of her girlfriends at MyBatik.

Persiaran Ritchie is really close to GE Mall so we figured we could squeeze in a morning date, followed by lunch then proceed to our usual agenda of JMC at Yamaha in the afternoon.

It was perfect!

Each batik kit comes with hot wax resist of the design already done but the girls were allowed to sign their pieces using canting to apply the hot wax. Redgie, a very helpful batik artist, trained them on a practice sheet before allowing them to draw with canting. It was hot wax, so Redgie cautioned them well. 

The three young ladies had a lovely rebonding time (as they are in 3 different schools now) while painting their respective pieces of batik.

Both Stonor Mummy and Hampshire Mummy enjoyed sipping our choice cup of coffee at Green Tomato Cafe, al fresco in the lush tropical garden within Yayasan Seni.
Here is my latte with koala before drinking:

Here is the latte after drinking. See how the art is intact? Barista is superb!

Here is a cute cat on cappuccino:

Almost completed dye painting.

The girls then placed their painted batik kits onto the courtyard to dry in the sun.

They then played catch, chase, hopscotch and tag games before lunch. In the sun, in the shade, in the wide open spaces and green grass, subhanAllah!

All too soon after lunch, it was time for us to head our separate ways again. Every farewell ends with promises of new play dates. Yes, inshaAllah, we will have more play dates!

Yesterday, after we fulfilled the 3 days gap requirement, The Little Girl and I went to collect her processed batik piece. The hot wax had been washed off in hot boiling pot of water and left to air dry.

All that is left now is for me to frame her first proper batik art and hang the fabric masterpiece up on her bedrooms wall!

Like this:

Highly recommended if you are looking for a batik experience that is simple, and different from Conlay or East Coast. Each batik kit is RM50. Admission is free. 

Green Tomato CafĂ© prices are reasonable with good range of fresh juices (they have green juice for detox,yay!), sandwiches, coffee and ice-cream potong (includes durian flavour, yikes!). 

Batik workshop for adults upon asking. Gallery and shop within same compound. Ample car park on weekdays. Popular with school field visit troops and tourists.

Have fun!


  1. Salam Hampshire Mummy,

    Batik lessons looks like fun. If only Laith would enjoy it as much as your little girl haha. I know I would (which reminds me of a batik kit that I bought some months *or years* ago that I need ro remember where I his it hmmm)
    Now that you mentioned Stonor Mummy, that gav me n idea where Hampshire Munmy git her name from haha - yeah I am pretty slow like that.

    Have a blessed Ramadhan <3

    1. Salam Puan L,

      Blessed Ramadhan to you and family too <3

      Hahaha, Laith may surprise you with abstract batik painting, you'll never know! Do enjoy the latte art and cup of java if you do go after Ramadhan. Have fun!