Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Snippets: Marriage

The Little Girl is one of the two Muslimahs in her class. There are about 6 other Muslim boys. Together, they form a small cluster for Religious Studies (Islam) guided by Puan I. It is a close knit and fun class so I am pretty sure the students know each other quite well.

One of the boys, M, has been asking The Little Girl to marry him for about a fortnight now.

Now, you see, we have a small glitch here. 

The Little Girl has had her eyes set on another boy from one year ahead of her class, a case of liking a senior, whose mother gets along with me like house on fire. They, the children, like one another since the beginning of the academic year, and this is long in the timeline of 5/6 year olds!

Two days ago, M's pick up line to The Little Girl in my presence was this, "Have you watched Jurassic World? Do you like it?"

The Little Girl did not even reply him, just shot him a blank look. She then politely said goodbye since it was home time anyways. I guess she did not tell M about her huge dislike for dinosaurs. Or her liking for Z.

The Little Girl spared no hesitation in telling M, truthfully and sincerely, during breakfast the following day, that she has no intention of marrying M, since that pick up line incident.

At the same time, she did not reveal to anyone in her class who she likes. In so doing, she has preserved a mystery?

Yesterday, at home time, M told me that The Little Girl does not want to marry him. Ever.

I was...speechless!

Mother of the intended bride. What am I to say? I do not support child marriages but that is not something I want to discuss with someone who has just lost his front tooth. So I smiled.

For now, let's just cherish this innocent phase/moment and stop at the big smile I beamed at M. Hopefully my smile can deflect him from seeing my concern. Oh, where do I even begin? 

I hope M finds his closure and remain friends with The Little Girl. After all, he has another 9.5 years to impress her while being in the same school, inshaAllah.

May The Little Girl remain steadfast and pure in her heart, and that Allah swt keeps her safe in His Protection. Amin


  1. Salam Hampshire Mummy,

    this entry reminds me of a boy from kidnergarten who keeps saying "I love Leila" everytime we see each other and even in front of our moms. I attended his wedding 3-4 years ago and it was funny seeing him blush when his mom brought up that old story.

    How's Ramadhan treating you?

    1. Waalaikumsalam Puan L!

      So sweet! I totally get the blushing part because I have witnessed Z turning red when he sees my young lady. He would then lower his gaze *cair*

      Ramadhan is so a wonderful time of the year, SubhanAllah. It comes to change my heart. What a gift! Love reading about all your adventures on a scooter *teehee*