Monday, 15 June 2015

Snippets: Ready?

The Little Girl loves her Kumon workbooks (but only during the holidays!).

She chooses whichever book she feels like "solving". So far, she loves puzzles and mathematics. All I do is filter her level and pay at the MPH cashier before we pack our bags. 

Well, I have to mark and grade the answers too. Sometimes, I even dispense a sticker for her job well done. Yes, I was "supposed" to be on holiday. 

The Little Girl enjoys solving her Kumon puzzles during the special quiet hour between her waking up and the rest of the household waking up. I guess there is no one to distract her attention?

I usually mark and grade her work the night before so she wakes up to find a new challenge or the next level to solve. The Other Half always tears off the solution pages at the back of the book so she cannot cheat. 

It is a good arrangement in our family as she keeps herself occupied before breakfast. 

Here is what I found after our last holiday at Penang:

I could not help but giggle when I saw her frank answer. Mind you, she handled the bundles of 10s and 5s very well and got her sums worked out properly and correctly.

Oh, to be 5! *giggles more*


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