Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Snippets: Duplo Help For Mathematics

Last week, The Little Girl needed some help transforming her abstract understanding of 10s into quantifiable, physical substance of 10s. 

Some readily available, easily accessible materials were summoned.

The first was an abacus but somehow it did not help her at all. She remained clueless, and rendered The Other Half slightly impatient and annoyed. Oh well, he tried a direct approach, Plan A. 

I knew instinctively Plan B had to be employed via play.

Later that night, after Bean was put to bed, we played with some Duplo blocks and chit chat casually about the magic number of 10 pieces to build pillars. Adding pillars, subtracting pillars, loose numbers of bricks left and such. We were soon building MRT pillars and had toy diggers around, just to disguise Mathematics. Foxy Mummy for once to get the message across/job done.

Let's just say it ended well because The Little Girl exclaimed, "Oh, I get it now!"

Lightbulb moment. 

I love it when we play our way through homework because it does not feel like homework at all!

Dread gone, assignments accomplished. Everyone went to bed happy. Syukur alhamdulillah.


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