Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sunday Blues Redefined

We dread Sunday evenings that come with announcement of school closure due to haze. 

No,  it is not the stop-go pace with the syllabus and activities. 
Many students have their important exams right around the corner and could really use the extra revision time at home.

No, it is not the inconvenience of having to postpone my appointments and meetings. 
Thousands of other working mums (like myself) have it worse than I do (because I have the freedom and flexibility to plan around raising my family duty first before my job) and I feel for them (so tough!).

No, it is not the hassle of finding suitable indoor activities for 5+ and 2+ year olds. Nearly every single week, we bake and cook using simple recipes from Tip Hero and Just One Cookbook you would think our full-time job is to verify those recipes! Our other full time job is to play, read, sing and craft. Everything except the great outdoors for swimming, playground and just run.

It is this: 
The irresponsible act of destructing the environment solely for profits.

In the end, environmental, social, economic, political cost do not justify meagre profits, does it? 

Are the stakeholders really proud of their achievements and dividend? 

How do they sleep easy? 


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