Thursday, 1 October 2015

Bean'sTalk: All Night Long

Bean now speaks using short sentences and I am going to try typing, recording and/or penning down some of the things he says, for keepsake. 

That is, before, he grows up and start speaking using longer sentences like the rest of us do.

One of the cutest phrases he has been using is "all night long".

Very useful phrase, and a ready description, to his advantage. Applicable  for almost any situation my 27 month-old son would encounter, in our household.

"I want lulu, all night long."

Lulu, is his baby lingo for "susu" aka breastmilk direct from the source. 

"I want Mummy (to) hold me tight, all night long."

I melt into a puddle, right there.

"I want McQueen and Trukov, (to) play (with) all night long."

Characters from Cars and Cars 2. 



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