Monday, 28 March 2016

Report Card Day

Girl had her Report Card Day last Thursday. I was early and had a light breakfast on my own at Huckleberry. I bought the kids their favourite pain au chocolat as afternoon treats.

Her overall results were good (I downloaded the report the night before). Syukur alhamdulillah, I am proud of her string of As because the papers were not easy. I am Pusat Tuisyen Mama so I know she had given her best effort. In fact, I should be preparing her more worksheets for her to practice way before the exams next term.

The parts which made my heart swell with gratitude to Allah swt are the comments by her individual subject teachers. One of those moments where, as a mother, I thought, "My baby is all of those wonderful bits and positive character?!" 

I bet you had plenty of those moments before too *happy smile*

Her "poorest" subject is Malay Advanced and I, repeatedly, request for her to be moved to Malay Foreign Language class, because it is basic and easier for a beginner like Girl. Unfortunately, my request has been turned down, again. The subject teacher is confident she can push her current vocabulary to an A next term. Her grammar is fine. She just needs  more cultural immersion and hear the language being spoken/applied more often. 

"Daddy, kamu faham keperluan kita berbahasa Melayu di rumah demi anak kita?" LOL. 

That said, I hardly ever speak Mandarin to Girl and yet she does quite well compared to Malay Advanced. 

Go figure, Pusat Tuisyen Mama

Let's enjoy the staycation and hospitalmoon and hopefully we will all be super-charged for Term 3 at The Big School.

We shall gasp in unison at her joining Year 2 and doing work for Year 3 this September *wink* when September comes.


  1. Pusat Tuisyen Mama is the best! Can I enroll my daughter in too?

    1. Let's divide and conquer the subject papers! Doing all 7-8 subjects on our own is tedious LOL