Saturday, 26 March 2016

Speedy Recovery

The bilateral inguinal hernia surgery went well, syukur alhamdulillah. I drove him to Prince Court at 7.30 am for him to complete his admission papers. I left soon after he was assigned a ward to pick Bean up from my MIL who had come from The House to The Flat Upstairs to help us out during this hectic times. 

I sent Bean to Playschool and quickly returned to the ward just in time to see him wheeled off to OT. I then had a quick bite at Food Galleria, picked up some fruits and snacks for the afternoon from Isetan KLCC then drove to the Playschool for Bean.

The Other Half was put under general anesthesia and the operation took 1.5 hours. By the time I went back to Prince Court after sending Bean home after Playschool, the nurses had already transferred The Other Half to his ward! Speedy indeedy, or was I being too slow?

He was able to drink without throwing up. He ate his lunch and kept it down too. There was some dizziness when he first stood up 2 hours after surgery but that soon passed. In a nutshell, it was good because The Other Half was alert and full of energy.

By evening, the effects of general anesthesia completely wore off. Dato' Dr. Tikfu Gee prescribed some painkillers and antibiotics, as per his standard post-operation care.

The thunderstorm was so bad coupled with Friday evening gridlock at Ampang-Tun Razak; I decided to stay home and put the little ones to bed by 8pm after their entire day of fun with The Grandparents.


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