Sunday, 27 March 2016

Caring For Caregiver

The Grandparents and I are feeling the exhaustion so we each took a little break every now and then to recharge.

The garden sculpture on the road I used to call home not so long ago brought a little cheer in standstill traffic. 

A tired caregiver cannot give much joy. I was given some time off this afternoon to run errands. The list of things to do was long enough to wrap a mummy but I told myself to treat myself to something nice, for a change.

Guess what? 

I came home with new pajamas and shoes for the kids. Mothercare had a sale on! StrideRite had a clearance sale too, as they are moving out of Suria KLCC - what a shame. Even The Other Half got something new from me.


I got myself a bottle of Green Goodness from La Juiceria. So lame. I was thirsty! I was so thirsty that I did not bother to swirl the juice in my mouth that much. I just sipped it all up in record time. Not graceful, even with a straw!

The dedicated women parking space for female drivers shopping alone was awesome. I hardly get to enjoy this facility. 

I did not even glance at Chanel. I should have! 

I will work on treating myself.

I shall start with that long overdue haircut. 


  1. you SHOULD treat yourself! even if it means JUST sleeping in uninterrupted! best gift ever (especially after motherhood), I must say. Take good care of yourself and your little family :)

  2. The best gift is shuteye, much needed! Blowing kisses at your baby bump. She is going to be a solehah beautiful girl, inshaAllah.