Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Hello again, my lovelies!

Sorry for the long silence as I have been quite occupied lately.

Last weekend, we took a long drive from KL to Bidor, then Teluk Intan and onward to Damai Laut. My father-in-law led at first but he lost his way at The Leaning Tower of Anson. I took over leading thereon and we checked into Swiss Garden Damai Laut at Isya. Luckily our Garmin was reliable this time, syukur alhamdulillah! 

All that "hassle" for this beautiful morning by the coast.

The real reason for this weekend getaway is a traditional Malay wedding in a village, of one of our relatives. The drive to Kampung Tersusun was another 30 minutes or so away from the hotel but so worth it. My two young ones have not attended a kenduri before this; so they were experiencing cultural immersion for the first time. 

Pangkor Island was so near yet so far, time not permitting for even a drive to the jetty area. 

We came home to KL after Asar via the coastal road and now we know how to get to the Sekinchan paddy fields and Kampung Kuantan fireflies! InshaAllah, next adventure.


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