Monday, 12 November 2012

Happy Blessed Diwali

We would like to wish all our Hindu friends and readers a very happy, blessed Diwali.
Ignore the following paragraphs/read at your own peril:
*My mummy ramble mode on*
Travel safely, keep to the speed limits and follow the rules. Do not put your hazard lights on in a thunderstorm (hazard lights are meant for stationary stalled vehicles). Indicate your next manouver.
Turn your home gas supply off, cancel the newspaper deliveries and place the timer lights on. Set up a neighbourhood watch and do not rely 100% on your gated community guards for safety.
Most of all, be polite and gracious to your hosts when visiting or attending an open house party. Greet your hosts when you arrive, and thank them for having you before you leave.

Do not debate on religion/politics with complete strangers (guests of the host) - start with the weather, will you? Now that we are experiencing global climatic changes, there should be more than enough to talk about to last you one major session of capati and vindaloo buffet binge. 
*My mummy ramble mode off*
Happy blessed Diwali! Enjoy your holidays.
Note: No muruku and spicy food for me this Diwali - these delicious treats don't seem to agree with my first trimester, as evident from the post-treats nausea and vomit last evening. Boo hoo!


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