Monday, 12 November 2012

Second Pregnancy: Toothpaste for Pregnant Women

My sense of smell and taste in both the first and second pregnancies can be summed up as overly sensitive. Before you think I am being overly dramatic, there is a scientific explanation for this.

I went from my usual modus operandi of brushing with toothpaste after waking up, after every meal and before sleep to throwing up at the mere whiff of mint toothpaste!
I did try fruity toothpaste in the first pregnancy but have yet to venture that way this time, simply for fear of throwing up at the supermarket aisle. Yesterday, I got as far as the entrance to Isetan KLCC supermarket before the nausea stopped me in my tracks.
Do you have any suitable toothpaste for pregnant women to recommend? Please share!

An update: Toothpaste with kayu sugi is not too unpleasant, as there is hardly any strong mint scent. I managed to brush my teeth without too much gagging and vomitting the last few days (11 weeks of gestation).


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