Saturday, 23 February 2013


One of my "big boo boo" during my first pregnancy was not to have pedicure and relied on The Other Half to cut my toe nails, rub moisturiser nightly etc. once I could not bend low enough to reach my toes.

As a result of that "neglect", I had some dry skin especially at my heels.

The Other Half is not very good with giving pedicure, so he keeps his day job *hehe*.

Now, we all agree that dry heels are not only unattractive, they can be painful, especially if they are cracked!

So, I got wiser.

In this second pregnancy, I am not taking chances. I am not waiting until I can bend no more/can see my toes no more to start taking care of my precious feet. Afterall, they carry precious cargo and a too-lazy-to-walk-I-want-to-carried-almost-3 y.o.!

I now go for my monthly pedicure/feet spa (wish I have more budget to accommodate fortnightly sessions - a girl sure can dream!), and slap on some Du'it Foot & Heel Balm Plus feet balm every night after shower before going to bed.

The results: Much nicer looking toesies and improved skin on heels! Yay!!


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