Friday, 6 June 2014

The Hospital Bag

Hospital Bag Packing List for readers who are pregnant and are too busy to type out a list. You may print mine. 

I printed mine, wrote done or ticked as the items were packed then I left the list on top of my little suitcase. Items not yet packed were circled and I could see right away what needed to be purchased/cleaned/put in as I went along the final days of pregnancy.

Toothbrush - done
Toothpaste - done
Hair brush - done
Shampoo -done
(All of which were supplied by PCMC and I could have left these items out and still survive)

Facial cleanser - done
Facial serum - done
Body lotion - done
Nipple cream - done
Clothes for going home second trimester size - done
Nursing bra - done

Maternity pads - done

Underwear - done

Bedroom slippers

Camera - done
Camera charger - done
iPhone charger - done

Snacks for labour (dates)
Snacks for postpartum (dates)
Zam Zam Water/Water

Baby clothes for going home - done
Baby hat - done

Diapers - done 
Diaper cream - done

Mittens - done
Socks - done
Hat - given by PCMC as souvenir

Car seat for the car
Isofix for the car seat in the car
Bugaboo in the car boot

For The Little Girl:
Spare change of clothes - done
Pull up pants - done
Snacks - done

To consider:
Breast pump

In the end, I packed but did not have to use the breast pump and steriliser. Bean and The Little Girl were both natural at breastfeeding, syukur alhamdulillah!

Hope this helps!


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