Thursday, 5 June 2014

Before Kids

The Little Girl asked me the other day what life was like for me before kids.

What a profound question. I was not expecting it so that had come as a real surprise to me. 

I wish I could simplify it this way for her:

What do I tell her? Where do I start? My troubled childhood being raised by one half of a parent? My schooling years being picked on by the school bullies? My anxiety filled pre-university days for knowing that I could do well but not afford the expensive fees at degree level? University education working part time then resorting to a degree via distance learning so that the financial stress would not give me further gastrointestinal problems? The early career building months existing from hand to mouth in this expensive city? Years of love found and lost? The long search for God and finding Allah? The fated meeting of The Other Half and getting married then starting this family?

I cannot sugar coat my past so I will have to come clean with her someday. Recounts of emotional roller-coaster, despair then finding hope. 

So, darling, be prepared for the cold hard truth someday when you poke into Mummy's past again. Bring your own box of Kleenex, for you will surely cry.

For all the wonderful blessings Allah swt has brought into my life, thank You so much. Please forgive my sins and accept my repentence. Amin!


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