Monday, 2 May 2016

The Free Weekend

By free, I mean we purposely vacated all our social engagements and just spend time with family and try to enjoy our own company. We even changed our minds about going on vacation so we can just huddle, the 4 of us.

Girl completed her homework on Friday and by Saturday, all work had been double-checked and revised for the week. The Big School is issuing a topical test before the term examinations. We take this seriously because the points count and they form part of the 1/3 average. 

Sunday Lunch with The Grandparents was at Absolute Thai Hot Pot, Bangsar Village. We prefer the regular side without hot pot. Somehow, the kitchen at Rain Nudle House delivers more authentic Thai taste despite the all Pinoy cooks and waiters. Kuala Lumpur feels very cosmopolitan in terms of foreign labour, to me.

Bean is at his assertive aka being difficult stage. He insisted on standing in the supermarket trolley instead of being seated and has had some glorious telling off by The Other Half. 

Today, Bean announced to the entire crowd at the underpass at IKEA-The Curve that he wants "Mummy Susu" in protest of a long overdue haircut. His helmet hair style is getting too thick and hot but he just would not agree to a haircut. We ended up in the nursing room, and Bean is 34 months. Our weaning plan is go cold turkey when I am admitted to hospital this Wednesday. I am praying he won't cry too much, and take to the cup of milk before bedtime. Nursing to sleep, waking up about twice nightly - the same luxury Girl had enjoyed. I pray I have been as fair as possible to them both.

Today, Girl followed me to one of my stock pick-up/delivery and she behaved like a good girl. Her reward was one of those RM9.90 mini Barbie which she collects. Honestly, I cannot keep track of those little bits and pieces anymore. The only rule before bedtime is for her to clean up her room and playroom so I can Dyson and put on the Rainbow. Syukur alhamdulillah she has been compliant (the risk of losing little precious bits to the Dyson is real and not merely a threat).

Bean got himself 2 new matchbox size Hot Wheels. His collection "scares" me because he buys them almost on daily basis! Poor us!! We have lost count how many cars exactly he owns. He is not very good with clean up after play time yet but learning to apply what he observes us all. I am sure in good time, he will be just fine.

Was it a good free weekend? Well, it has been a good "disconnect to reconnect" weekend. Minimal work and still some passive income. Time for me to rest before the surgery is precious to me. Syukur alhamdulillah. 

Here is wishing you a great week ahead, my lovelies!


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