Saturday, 15 September 2012

Her own toddler bed

The Other Half and I have been sleeping with getting hit on our face/nose/torso in the middle of the night by having The Little Girl in the middle of our king size bed since she was about 6 months old.  
Now that she is 29 months old, we decided to try her out on her own toddler bed from IKEA placed beside our bed on my side.
It has been 3 nights (only) and it is great (so far)! She still wakes up for the occasional direct breastfeeding (but hooray, less times!). With the guard rails and pillow boundaries, she has not fallen off her bed yet, alhamdulillah!
Praying she will stay safe there. The Other Half and I are just pleased to have our king size bed back to ourselves, hehehe. Someday soon, she may just ask for the bed to be moved into her own room *wishful thinking*
Happy sleeping, baby!


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