Sunday, 9 September 2012

Retrospective Wisdom: I Miss Blogging

I used to keep a personal blog at Multiply since 2006.
Now that Multiply is "dying" save for its lucrative Philippines and Indonesia, I have decided to revert to Blogger. My wish is that Blogger keeps going and not "die" because this export/import entries business can be time consuming.
Here's an old entry from when The Little Girl was going to turn 1.
"Title: ...collecting dust
I miss blogging.
Since becoming a SAHM, I have not had much personal time. I am only here tonight because I am not sleepy, and waiting for the dryer to finish its cycle.
The Little Girl is turning one this month. That's how long I have been away.
Gosh, I miss expressing my thoughts in adult words without a nursery rhyme tune to it!"
**Retrospective Wisdom: I should have stayed at Blogger in the first place. Maybe this is my second chance with Blogger. When given a second chance, appreciate it!**


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