Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Retrospective Wisdom: Week 28

"At 28 weeks, your baby is growing toward maturity. Weighing more than 1kg and possibly 1.1 kg. Much of this added weight comes from more layers of brown fat.

This week is considered a huge milestone for babies born or threatening to be born early. If your baby were born this week forward, the chances of survival is very, very high. Though your uterus is still the ultimate in incubators, it is reassuring for many mothers-to-be to know that should preterm labour happen, the outcome is a long road but one that most likely will have a happy ending.

Your baby is growing eyelashes this week to match the body hair. Babies born before now have no eyelashes, which is a fact that surprises many parents." - excerpt from The Complete Illustrated Pregnancy Companion by Robin Elise Weiss with Dr. Marcello Pietrantoni.

Final trimester is here!

I started to feel as heavy as a whale when trying to waddle anywhere (the malls here are huge)! Carrying the baby in my now very round and large figure felt heavier as well. Backaches and swelling replaced nausea and vomiting of first trimester. It certainly felt like the honeymoon of second trimester was gone all too soon.

A spot on my left ribs would occasionally experience stab/pins and needles/pain especially when I lifted my left hand or when going to the toilet in the middle of the night. This stretching pain had been diagnosed by Dr. Haris before as nothing threatening but I took precautions nonetheless. I tried not to get up too suddenly, and not lift my left arm late at night. If I were to flush the toilet, I would speak to Jr. that the sound of flushing is coming on, so as to avoid the sudden kicks from within. It worked!

Right leg cramps increased when I had been lying on my back for too long. In contrast to the previous two trimesters, sleeping on the left side has become almost impossible. Jr. would wriggle and kick until I turn on the right or lie on my back. On some nights, Jr. would refuse to stop wriggling and kicking when I turned right too! As sleeping on the back is not good for my back, "negotiating" with Jr. would start.

Me: Baby, let Mummy sleep on the right side, ok?

Jr.: *wriggles and kicks* in a way that can be interpreted as a firm "NO".

Me: Baby, please please pretty please? Just for a while?

Jr.: *less wriggles and no kicks, more like trying to find a comfortable spot* in a way that can be interpreted as "OK, just for a while."

Me: Thank you, Baby!

15 minutes later, repeat the above.

Another 15 minutes later...

Me: Oh, you win, Baby! *sleeps on back*

1 hour later

Me: OUCH! Leg cramps!!

What does Z do?

*snore snore snore*

Lucky him!
**Retrospective Wisdom: Leg massages would have been nice! Also, communicating with the "cargo" does work so thankfully we did a lot of listening to calm music, chit chat when doing fetal kicks etc.**


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