Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Retrospective Wisdom: Week 35

"Baby is hanging in there, doing his or her part for the big birth day coming up. This consists principally of growing, developing and preparing to breathe and regulate body temperature. Your baby is now about 2.25 kg, though at this stage of the game there is more room for variance and where diet and genetics play a significant part. Your baby is approaching 46 cm from head to toe.

Babies born at this gestational age often do well with special care nurseries, but it is still considered early. Babies who are born early often have respiratory illnesses and breathing difficulties, which can lead to an increased risk of Sudden Infant Deaths Syndrome and lifelong issues such as asthma and learning disabilities (although the greatest risk is during the first year of life)." - excerpt from The Complete Illustrated Pregnancy Companion by Robin Elise Weiss with Dr. Marcello Pietrantoni.

Shall we all just agree that this is the nesting week? We had the baby's space set up at The House by last week and this week the focus was at The Apartment. The master bedroom floorboards were installed to replace a decade old carpet. Cot and changing table are being set up, contents of wardrobe reorganised to include some space for Jr. We are even ordering new sheer curtains in the hope that the filtered light will help Jr differentiate day and night sleeping times.

I felt so much tick tock going on that I went into a nursing top and nursing bra shopping frenzy. I was measured for size, tested every single item I fancied, checked for practicality of use, not very red carpet worthy fashion review and poorer by a thousand later, Z and I carted all the items home for wash and dry. Neatly folded away and ready to use. Now we pray for milk! So adamant are we at breast feeding that we are refusing to buy spare bottles and formula to avoid giving up before we even start! We do have the breastpump!

A quick check-up by Dr Haris Hamzah (no scan this time so no statistics to post) confirmed that Jr.'s head is engaged. That pretty much explained all my symptoms and continuing agony since last week. When he proclaimed that "Any time now is possible, baby is ready to be born", Z and I froze for a moment. Term!

Hospital bag for me - checked.

Hospital bag for Jr. - checked.

Hospital bag for Z - er...

Hospital route from The House - checked.

Hospital route from The Apartment - er, depends on time of day. Being in the 50450/50088 postcode area can only mean a highly unpredictable traffic flow (read: mostly congested)

Birth plan and confinement plans - need to be drawn up! Still trying to decide on epidural and the gentle cut aka episiotomy or not. Confinement lady is out of the question as MIL has decided to cook on the condition that we serve 44 days of imprisonment at The House.

Sheer curtains - decide by next week after seeing the quotation.

Other 1001 things that probably do not matter but does to me due to nesting instinct - ARGH!
**Retrospective Wisdom: When the nesting instincts hit, just go with it, and ignore the naysayers about the EDD being "far away". Moral of this account/Fact: The Little Girl arrived 3 weeks early. If I had not listened to MY motherly instinct, I would have been completely unprepared.**


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