Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Retrospective Wisdom: Week 29

"Your baby weighs more than 1.1 kg at this point. You may begin to notice that the big kicks and rolls that you felt earlier take on a different quality because your baby is likely to be head down with every passing week. You may also notice that you feel more action at the top of your uterus from the movement of tiny feet.

Your baby is busy producing about 0.5 litres of urine everyday, which is partially what makes up the amniotic fluid. You can even see babies urinate on ultrasound if you catch them at the right moment. Your baby is also producing his or her own red blood cells which come from the bone marrow." - excerpt from The Complete Illustrated Pregnancy Companion by Robin Elise Weiss with Dr. Marcello Pietrantoni.

Backaches and cramps! Swollen feet and tiredness! Is this really ending so soon? I think I will miss being pregnant and carrying Jr. everywhere despite my complaints so far...instead of counting how many week I have been pregnant, I am now counting how many more weeks to go before delivery - which is quite exciting too.

We finally got the changing table from IKEA named Gulliver in white after waiting for them to restock for a month plus! Z put it together one Friday night during a boring episode of Midsomer Murders and it looks good standing next to Z's white cot from 29 years ago.

Monica also very kindly purchased a pink bouncer and had it delivered to The House as I was not able to travel very far to get it from her Homey. Ellen's parcel had also arrived with goodies for Jr. I had the contents washed, dried and ironed. Thank you, girls! Those are very lovely and thoughtful gifts!

Shall I or shall I not purchase cow milk formula and bottles just in case I am not able to nurse? My vote is still no so as to avoid giving up on the first 3 days...What if I end up having emergency Cesarean? So many questions. Only time will tell...

Measurements taken by Dr. Haris Hamzah on 6 February 2010:

BPD: 7.52 cm (was 7.31 cm)

Head circumference: 26.8 cm (was 25.18 cm)

Abdominal circumference: 23.98 cm (was 22.63 cm)

Femur length: 5.46 cm (was 5.19 cm)

Weight: 1.274 kg (was 1.085 kg)
**Retrospective Wisdom: Praying for breastmilk supply for the child works. Allah Provides. We still start with bismillahhirrahmannirrahim and end with alhamdulillah Thank You Allah! A former client advised me to read Surah Maryam, and it did me a lot of good in imagining a smooth delivery - what the mind can conceive it can achieve - very important to fill oneself with positivity during pregnancy!**


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