Sunday, 23 December 2012

Second Pregnancy: Cravings List

Favourite food = food that I enjoy eating, can live without and not obsess over if not available.
That is not the focus of this post.
Craving = food that I cannot stop thinking about even after eating something else, cannot sleep because I think about how to obtain it for the next meal if possible, often comes from a particular kitchen or restaurant, gather enough courage to ask The Other Half or The Grandparents to buy them for me if I am too sickly to drive and buy it myself.
So here you go, my top 3 cravings:
1. Sambal udang with petai, served with steaming warm white rice, from Madam Kwan's. Similar to the first pregnancy food craving. You'd think all that chilli and spice will make me sick?
Nope! Side note: Halal certificate and sticker is visible on site at the restaurant, but the menu lists beer (alcoholic drink) as available. What is up with that? Does anyone know how JAKIM allows this somewhat confusing status? Tawakal, lah! I doubt the kitchen has alcohol because the drinks counter is separate, and the beer they sell is bottled, not draught. Hmmh...still!

2. Organic Har Po Ley Cha Rice, from Simple Life at Suria KLCC or Oasis Mid Valley Megamall. Full of full grain brown rice, barley, variety of vegetables and tofu. A lunch staple. Totally the opposite of #1 above in terms of taste and texture. A close replacement would be bibimbap without the raw egg.

3. Pomelo, from MBG/Cold Storage/Isetan. Grown in Ipoh Tambun variety is my favourite, being sweeter and juicier. Yums! Milder than oranges and grapefruits, laden with folate and fibres.

What's yours? Do share, especially if they are of the pickles with ice-cream sort *hehe*


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