Monday, 17 December 2012

Second Pregnancy: Week 5

I saw Dr. Haris Hamzah at Sime Darby Subang Medical Centre on 3 November 2012 for a pregnancy confirmation ultrasound scan. I saw The Little Bean, a gestation sac, measuring 13.7mm. So tiny!
Instead of prescribing Obimin, Dr. Haris Hamzah handed out a slip for Pharmaton Matruelle this time.
As soon as the appointment was over, I went to pick up The Other Half and The Little Girl from Empire Shopping Gallery where I had earlier deposited them to save the Little Girl from boredom of waiting room at the crowded hospital.
We went for lunch at a seafood restaurant near the old Subang Airport. The Little Girl refused to eat much after snacking all morning and I was nauseated from walking under the hot sun to the car after lunch. I guess The Other Half was also "sick" from over-indulgence of butter prawns and stir fried brocolli!
So home we came. Diligently, I popped one table of Pharmaton Matruelle after lunch. Oh,how  I reacted pretty badly to Pharmaton Matruelle! Vomiting a few minutes from swallowing it became a routine I quickly grow to detest. So I skipped Pharmaton Matruelle and went back to popping Obimin. No difference! The body just reacts to such supplements, and I had to choose between keeping my lunch down, or vomiting right after taking my supplements. Eventually, I chose to keep my lunch down, as I was getting dehydrated from vomiting.
Some SOS text messages to an ex-classmate who is now a mother of 2 revealed that perhaps I can try asking for Pramilet, as she had taken it with better staying power compared to the former two. Oh, yes! I will try, and hope it works...
Disclaimer: My experience with Pharmaton Matruelle, Obimin and Pramilet are in no way any endorsement/product discredit but merely stating my personal bodily reaction to each. Please consult your ob-gyn for making informed decision. You deserve the best care and supplements possible.

Update as of Week 16: Pramilet seems to agree with me, and I will continue this supplement.


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