Sunday, 23 December 2012

Second Pregnancy: Vivid Dreams

I used to get emotionally disturbing dreams in my first pregnancy. Emotionally disturbing because the recurring common theme was this: abandonment. 
Now that this is my second pregnancy at week 13, I am praying for better dreams. Or at least those that do not leave me in tears in my sleep.
So far, it is manageable. I am usually awakened by cough (from the thick saliva accumulation at the throat), full bladder, backache, or occasional cramps.
More often than not, The Little Girl wakes me up in the middle of my dreams, requesting for midnight snack on the boobs.  
Experience tells me that the more advance the pregnancy, the more vivid the dreams get. I will keep an eye on this and update as we go along this gestation journey!

An update: Taking wuduq before sleeping, reciting some Surah and prayers help in peaceful slumber.


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