Sunday, 23 December 2012

Second Pregnancy: Showing Earlier

So yes, I am at Week 13, and already showing.
Science explains this as stretched out abdominal walls muscles, being lax from previous pregnancy, and hence not able to hide any abdominal distention, bloating or constipation.
So all that bulge is not baby but my fat/parts inside? Haha. Sad, but true.
My pants are now maternity pants, my size 8 tops make the middle section "bulge" suggesting pregnancy but here is the thing: I am clinging on to my tent-y size 8 tops for as long as possible before upgrading to drab looking maternity tops.
You see, hormones have a way of altering my taste in colour and patterns so I am going to buy only once this settles down a bit. Everything I see on the racks at the shop and photos online right now are just not attractive. While this is good for the bank account and wallet, it is a little stressful on the laundry basket, ironing rack and wardrobe because I rotate on just a few tops.
In comparison, during my first pregnancy, I did not show until 20 weeks along. So for the first 20 weeks, I just looked like I ate too much and had a "pouch". Oh boy, was I well prepared when it came to maternity clothing! First time nerves...I reckon.
When will I go shopping again this time? Hmmh.


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