Sunday, 23 December 2012

Second Pregnancy: Tandem Nursing

Breast is best, inarguably.
Formula milk is not poison either but it did scare me a lot (recall horrific, tainted, toxic, harmful and deadly ones from China as seen in news?).
When I was pregnant with The Little Girl back in 2009/10, I used to pray to Allah for her rezeki, for constant and stable breastmilk supply, my patience in enduring the journey and challenges as a new nursing mother, guidance to come from the right and informed sources, unconditional support from The Other Half and to remove unforeseen obstacles.
(I suspect you must be thinking by now that Hampshire Mummy prays long, detailed prayers!)
This time, I pray the same. Add an extra caveat.
I pray for the ability to tandem nurse, as well as rezeki for both The Little Girl and The Little Bean.
I recently did a simple research online and read some real experience of mothers who tandem nurse successfully - and my conclusion is that I will need a lot of stamina to maneuvre a toddler and a newborn, develop stronger arms, find more comfortable and bigger armchair or daybed for nursing, drink even more longan and red date tea, limit the toddler to bedtime feeds only, find new ways to distract the toddler in the unfortunate event that tandem nursing is not working out, who goes first when etc. Sounds like "circus management" to me already.
However, the encouraging conclusion shared by most tandem nursing mothers is this: The mother-children-sibling bonding is precious.
That, to me, is important in building family rapport (read: teamwork).
At this point, due to lack of first hand experience, I am honestly quite intimidated. That is not a good vibe to start with so I must arm myself with more knowledge and mentally fortify myself.
The only good start to tandem nursing so far is nursing during pregnancy. The Little Girl is beginning to show concern for my comfort when nursing her, adjusting her posture so as to avoid hurting me or The Little Bean and gently caressing my lower abdomen so as to "sayang adik". Precious!

My ob-gyn is aware of my nursing during pregnancy and has prescribed Pramilet, Nerogain PB and folic acid to cope with the increased demand on my petite body.
So, do wish me all the best and keep me in your prayers too as I embark on this somewhat magical journey. I will be needing all the support and well wishes!
Insya Allah, He answers prayers.


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