Sunday, 2 June 2013

Confinement Recipe: Chicken Stock

I love my food freshly prepared but since I may not be able to cook every single meal myself, I may have to delegate the task to The Other Half, MIL or a confinement helper.
Since I do not consume soya sauce, oyster sauce and the likes of MSG laden stocks, this is one staple that can be prepared ahead to time, frozen per portion and thawed as needed (to reduce the trouble/inconvenience I cause to delegatee). 
Hope you will find this useful:

Group A
5kg chicken, washed and cut into pieces

Group B
50g dried scallops, soaked and drained
20g ginger, smashed
1 tsp white pepper powder

Group C
5 litres water

Briefly boil Group A in water.
Water amount: sufficient to cover all chicken pieces.
Scoop out all boiled chicken and rinse with cool boiled water.
Set aside boiled chicken.

Bring Group C to boil.
Add in Group B and previously boiled Group A ingredients.
Bring to boil.
Lower heat and simmer for 3 hours.
Skim oil at top layer.
Cool stock.
Sieve well.
Pour 250ml into container for each portion.
Freeze at -18C.
Thaw overnight in fridge before use.
Bring to boil when cooking with vegetables.
Keeps frozen for up to one month.

Replaces water, salt, soya sauce and oyster sauce.
Replace chicken with beef ribs for variety. Add 1 piece of bay leaf.
Bon appetit!


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