Sunday, 2 June 2013

Confinement Recipe: Vegetarian Stock

44 days x 2 main meals per day = 88 meals.

Surely you will not want every meal to taste the same, with the predictable chicken stock becoming staple and boring. As a breastfeeding mum, I like exposing my new bub to new tastes as well just like I did with The Little Girl previously. When we introduced her to solids, she took to fruits and vegetables like duck to water.

Here is an alternative stock to prepare ahead, freeze and thaw as needed.

Group A
200g dried mushroom stems, washed and drained (keep mushrooms for cooking other dishes)
2kg carrots, cut into chunks
1kg soya beans, soaked for 1 hour and drained
120g red dates, pitted and rinsed
20g ginger, smashed
1 tsp white pepper powder

Group B
5 litres of water

Bring 5 litres of water to boil.
Pour all Group A ingredients into pot and bring to boil.
Turn heat to low and boil for 3 hours.

Cool stock and sieve well.
Pour 250ml equivalent to one cup of stock per portion into each container and freeze (I freeze mine at -18C).

Thaw in the fridge overnight before using. 
Heat thoroughly to boiling point when put through vegetables.

Stock can be used for cooking with vegetables instead of using water, salt, soya sauce and oyster sauce. 
Keeps well frozen for up to a month.
Bon appetit!


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