Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Second Pregnancy: Week 37

"The Complete Illustrated Pregnancy Companion by Robin Elise Weiss writes: Your baby is nearing his or her final birth weight and getting ready to be born. You may feel like the baby is moving around a lot, though not with large movements. Your baby is looking for the path of least resistance to be born most easily. Your baby is more than eighteen inches (46 centimetres) long."

So we made it to Week 37 this time!
My Tanamera set arrived last week and I have been using the virgin coconut oil on my badly stretched watermelon I once called my belly. It absorbs really well and smells fruity. Truth be told, it worked even better than Lansinoh and Medela Purelan 100 on dry and cracked nipples - if only I knew this from beginning.
I now weigh 63.5 kg but in reality, I feel like a 80 kg baby whale (no offence to cute baby whales). It is hard to be agile when the watermelon (no offence to watermelon too, I love eating and drinking this wonderful fruit) is in the way of most direction. My pregnancy maxi dresses have hiked up a few inches thanks to increased fundus height compared to the time I first bought those comfortable staples.
On a more productive end, I managed to get my monthly waxing done (not a fan of being shaven by nurses with disposable razors!) at my regular place. My waxing technician is thrilled to see me still pregnant and she actually wished me all the best when we parted ways.
Nesting instinct come and go.
In the last two days, I have shopped for Eid baju kurung and shoes for The Little Girl. She is excited about all the pretty, stylish and pink stuffs! We got her a set of pink floral baju kurung from my tailors' at The Curve, one pair of pink school/playground shoes, one pair of pink glittery and blinking shoes for going out and one pair of silver gladiators. I have a weakness for shoes and have obviously passed this "disease" on to The Little Girl. Well, I believe in the right shoe for the right purpose for the right occasion (honestly, it is not really exciting having to live with my Fitflops only since I got pregnant - but they are the most comfortable cushions for my feet at the moment).
The shopping and preparation extend to groceries. I stock up on consumables like toilets rolls, kitchen rolls, cleaning agents and cleaning cloths. Mostly in preparation for the weekend cleaning helper we have so that she does not run out of supply.
Speaking of cleaning, I am getting a bit mental when it comes to cleaning. I magic mopped the floor and did the laundry and actually wanted to iron clothes way past 11 pm. I tell myself not to indulge too much and get too tired as that will only trigger more contractions. So I trimmed The Little Girl's toe nails and feel much better (she still won't let me trim her toe nails when she is awake).
The contractions? Oh, they come and they go as they please. Stronger, yes. More regular, also yes. False alarm? No. I am waiting for the clear labour sign this time.

Dreamt so vividly that I was in labour last night. I told The Other Half when I woke up this morning and he asked if I pushed baby out in my sleep. Jokingly, I told him, "Bean is asleep in his crib next door, have you checked?". OK. Jokes aside, that better not happen!
I can feel that Bean is still sunny side up/occiput posterior. Here's hoping that Bean will turn and not torture me with painful back labour *crossing fingers and toes, saying my prayers and Amin*
Right. Better go try to sleep now. Night night, peeps.


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