Saturday, 6 July 2013

B.R.O.K.E.N. S.L.E.E.P.

Alhamdulillah Bean is home safely and is fully recovered from newborn jaundice (no hospital admission required, just lots of breast milk as advocated by his paed).
Alhamdulillah I am recovering, relaxing and rejuvenating as much as I possibly can.
The Other Half and I are sleep deprived at the moment and are taking turns to manage the household, caring for a newborn and a pre-schooler.
He does the school run in the morning.
Comes home.
Cares for Bean while I shower, express breast milk, get ready for my post-natal massage and binding.
Picks up lunch tray/tiffin cans/flasks of red date tea from The Grandparents from The Flat Upstairs.
Eats gobbles his lunch.
School run in the afternoon.
Sends The Little Girl to The Grandparents at The Flat Upstairs.
Comes home.
Cares for Bean while I befriend my Avent Breastpump and VIA cups.
We bathe Bean.
Naps (if possible).
Picks up dinner tray/tiffin cans/flasks of red date tea from The Grandparents from The Flat Upstairs.
Eats chomps his dinner.
Loads the dishwasher.
Return lunch trays/tiffin cans/flasks to The Grandparents at The Flat Upstairs in exchange for The Little Girl.
Cares for Bean while I keep the bedtime routine with The Little Girl.
I befriend my Avent Breastpump and VIA cups again before "sleeping".
Does the night feeds and diaper changes (I sometimes wake up too from the cries and letdown, and end up either breastfeeding or pumping).
Subuh again! Subuh already? But we haven't "slept"!
Breakfast time!  
(It is alright for you to have a headache/feel dizzy/see stars after reading the above list as we are fatigued from carrying out all these tasks!)
Now insert : put dirty laundry into the washer and transfer washed but still damp laundry to the dryer in between almost every single task.
Don't forget all the self care routines too (as mundane as teeth brushing sounds, one can sometimes miss out when both kids require attention at the same time!).
Solat. Don't miss that from his list of things to do. I am excused as I am still in nifas.
Then insert ironing some clothing randomly in between. We have started sending a small (but increasingly larger by the day) laundry basket to The Grandparents at The Flat Upstairs so that we can get some decent shut eye (read: nerve preservation). Oh, how my shoulders and neck ache from all that ironing...and the appearance of ugly varicose veins from standing on my feet a lot. Ugh!
Finally, do not leave out vital tasks such as renewing car road tax, car insurance, household and fire insurance, school concert rehearsals, school summer programme, 1001 other fun activities to keep the 39 month old pre-schooler entertained, engaged, learning and happy. Some we can complete online, but some require eye to eye contact and actual conversation, get what I mean?
Things are about to get more interesting challenging as we embark on the Holy Month of Ramadhan next week. May Allah bless us with Strength to carry on and fulfil our obligations as Muslims.

When the first 44 days are over, with no help from The Grandparents or Confinement Helper (who is only helping out for the last 9 days), our reality of a family of 4 members will commence. This is the "honeymoon" period so let me just kick back and relax in the smallest way that I can.
Guess that birth story will have to wait for now until I gather my composure as posting a summary would not be fair *hehe*
Till then
see you soon!
It won't be too long, I sincerely hope.
P/S: Yes, the fact that we are parents of 2 kids have finally sunk in. It did the moment we took Bean home!


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