Monday, 8 July 2013

Post-Natal Weight Loss

At Week 39 gestation of my second pregnancy, my weight was more than 63.9 kg *GASP*
Post-natal weight loss record:
Day 3: 61.1 kg wearing size 18
(Bean was born 2.96 kg, and I also carried a lot of amniotic fluids. If you do the math, you will be as puzzled as I am as to how I only lost 2.8 kg - did I pile all the weight back on during the 2 nights we were at the hospital?)
Day 5: 59.8 kg wearing size 16
(Slightly more believable!)
Day 7: 59.6 kg
(I weigh myself first thing in the morning, so I must have lost water and not fat...)
Day 8: 59.1 kg wearing size 14
(I had the traditional massage at home, so I'd credit the weight loss to loss of water retention)
Day 11: 57.7 kg
(Same as above, although I met my belly button again. It has been a while, belly button! I have missed you)
Day 14: 56.4 kg wearing size 12
(Same as above. Sigh. Isn't the expressing and feeding working?)
Day 16: 56.1 kg
(Stagnant. Need a new vanity self-care programme)

Day 95: 54.5 kg wearing size 10
Must, must, must soldier on.

Keep in mind: It took me 39 weeks to balloon, so maybe it is only fair to give myself another 39 weeks to decompress to my previous size...
Target weight: 50 kg (I was 48 kg pre-pregnancy but suspect that was slightly featherweight)
Target size: Size 8 or 10 (Love the prospect of a wardrobe makeover although I would love to be wearing those size 8 clothing again *ego*)
1. Non flabby abs.
2.Thighs with smaller circumference.
(That means I can have to start exercising again after the 6 week check up. I can live with the "stripes of pahala" a.k.a. stretchmark for another year. Give them time to fade...)
Cheer me on, will ya?


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