Sunday, 21 July 2013

Urut Lady

One of the recovery and healing process that I enjoyed during confinement is the traditional massage, tungku hot stones and bengkung/binding.
Preferably in silence so that I can drift off to nap during those precious moments after being awake all night long.
However, my urut lady had to spoil it all with her non-stop chatter. Honestly, her urut skills were pretty good but for the gift of her gab.
I had to endure 10 sessions of traditional massage that comes with endless  gossiping about other customers. 

One day, I decided enough was enough.
If someone could speak (ill) about others that way, I always believe that the same person would speak in the same negative fashion about me to others.
So I told her to stop coming over.
Puasa gossip, puasa mengumpat, alright?
Hear no evil (for me), and hopefully speak no evil (for her). Bad enough that I now have to vent it out here.

Maybe I do have to specify and request for silent traditional massage in future. Hopefully Tanamera has one...
Let this Ramadhan be filled with kind speech and good thoughts.
Not to potong her rezeki but I will not be posting her telephone number here (she did ask me to Facebook it, and I won't). If you, like me, enjoy silent massage, send me an email so that I can tell you who not to hire...


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