Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dry Heels

So we all know that during post-natal recovery period it is ideal to apply the bengkung and firming creams on our tums to tighten and firm the flab that comes with stripes of pahala.

Let's not forget the feet.

They really take a good beating with all that extra weight before delivery, and now have to shrink to its pre-pregnancy size (some women never see their pre-pregnancy feet size again).

What I have also learnt from my previous recovery after delivery is to observe the following diligently after bath:

Apply heel balm.

Apply moisturiser to feet.

Wear socks to lock in balm and moisturiser.

Results in smoother skin for feet - anti-aging no brainer, really.

Oh, and a fortnightly/monthly session of pedicure doesn't hurt either. It feels good to spend time treating myself to some much needed feet treatment and coming home as a better, recharged, gorgeous mum of two.

Hello again, smooth and pretty feet!



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