Sunday, 21 July 2013

Full Moon Package

Preamble: This is NOT a paid post.

In fact, none of my reviews are sponsored, as I believe in writing independently and honestly so that I am able to share reliable information after testing or using the products and services first hand.

Today's post is about a catering company (with an online presence) that comes with a reliable team of customer, kitchen and delivery service.

I found them via Google and could not be more impressed by its delivery of promise.

I rang Citarasa Uniq customer service number given on its web site. Unfortunately, no one answered it the first time so my mobile service provider cut me off after x number of rings.

However, within seconds, a mobile number rang my number. Hesitantly, I answered (thinking that it is one of those pesky insurance or credit card companies). Luckily, it wasn't!

It was Citarasa Uniq customer service staff who returned my missed call. She was concise, polite. Good product knowledge and quick with best option available. A dream customer service staff *applaud!*

From then on, it was all so simple.

In a gist, here is what I did:
1. Discuss full moon package items - all their food are certified halal.
2. Finalise booking and sum payable.
3. Provide name(s) of child(ren) and parents; delivery address/date/time.
4. Pay online and SMS them the receipt number.
5. Citarasa Uniq staff delivered the items to the address provided at the time and date specified, complete with complimentary card bearing the birth announcement.

For slightly more than RM300 purchase, I was given a complimentary delivery to one address within Klang Valley at no additional cost.

Now that is a breezy, easy peasy full moon party pack a mother in confinement can organise in less than an hour without leaving the house!

Reviews from my ex-colleagues on the food: YUMMY! They were especially grateful that food arrived on the dot, for lunch. Bliss!


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