Sunday, 12 April 2015

Ahjumma Updates

Last week, Bean was down with viral fever. I was challenged with broken sleep over and above the usual, punishing school run with The Little Girl. Inevitably, there were moments when I, regrettably, was too exhausted to prepare and cook dinner. 

Not proud of being the shouty mum I was, I found myself explaining to The Little Girl of how I consumed I was by perimenopausal hormones. I told her I was not proud of the the relay breakdown and how my love ought to be shown openly to her. I even showed her the list of how much there is for me to complete on daily basis, like a race against time checklist. 

She kissed me, and told me it is going to be alright. It still puzzles me that she has empathy for me but occasionally bullies Bean. Hmmmh. I should be glad she understood one thing - Mummy is tired.

By midweek, I was too spent to prepare breakfast for myself and The Other Half after a congested morning crawl home, so I requested for The Other Half to bring home some breakfast from Pelita Jalan Ampang. 

Bad, bad move.

That breakfast landed me at Prince Court Medical Centre ER. We know the breakfast was the culprit because I was the only one who ate it and came down with severe food poisoning. Luckily, The Other Half ate less and only suffered a mild case of food poisoning. 

One injection, some medication and a few hundred poorer later, my routine resumed, alhamdulillah

Fortunately, The Grandparents were able to babysit their two grandchildren while I was at ER with The Other Half. It would have been a nightmare to bring the young ones along to a place full of patients late at night!

By the time Friday arrived, I was truly eager to embrace the weekend. Rest, recuperate and regroup strategy. Exclusively. No dates, no parties, no to everything social. Just a few episodes of Queen's Flower and Sensory Couple to keep myself entertained while resting (watched online after the kids have gone to bed, they are too young for those 15+).

Side note on Queen's Flower: if you watch it on Good Drama, the subtitles from Episode 5 onwards is horrendous. I stopped after 2 minutes. I suspect the correct replacement subtitles were recently uploaded because it seems fine now.

Side note on Sensory Couple: I love this series despite the romance story line being predictable. The draw factor, for me, is the criminal mysteries. 

Our Saturday started late as we crashed and slept in after such a crazy week. Truth is, Bean was still recovering from  viral fever and he was trying to correct his sleeping habit which had gone askew. It was good to see everyone's bright and chirpy faces again after some much needed sleep. 

The Saturday afternoon spent at music class with The Little Girl. Certainly is our weekly mother-daughter highlight. JMC Primary 2 is challenging but fun! I am crossing my fingers that she will not find chords too complicated. With practice, I am sure she can and will perfect them. Happily, she completed her theory worksheet with some guidance. Matching the notes on G and F clefs, fancy that.

Our Sunday was spent at The House with The Grandparents. Instead of risking our lives on the road with lightning, deafening thunderclap and flash floods, we waited out the storm and got home after eating some home-cooked dinner. 

It was a very satisfying day work-wise at The House (where we keep another home office) as we finally closed the recent field audit matters (and benefit from tax credits!). Alhamdulillah, not every field audit is punitively malicious. Good things came out of ours. 

Now I can focus on year-end matters (our financial year ends on 30 June) and attend some continued professional training courses *sigh of relief* and maybe even start to house-hunt again after a long hiatus. 

Truly thankful for this weekend. I can tell The Other Half felt good after spending some quality time with his parents too, feels like his parental love and attention index climbed higher, boosting his confidence after a particularly tough week. The mix of weakening ringgit and tougher investment environment stress hopefully will not consume his spirit!

How was your weekend, my lovelies? I'd love to read!


  1. Salam Hampshire Mummy,

    I'm so sorry to learn about your trip to the ER. I'm glad you are feeling better now. I hope Bean has fully recovered too. Take care and hope you have a great week.

    1. Salam Puan L,

      Great to have you back! Thank you for your kind wishes, everyone is on the mend now. Looking forward to your posts too :)