Wednesday, 1 April 2015

So Far So Good

Zero-rated books, and I pray it stays zero-rated forevermore. The entire production and supply chain of the books  did/will not attract any GST. As a consumer, I pay 0% GST.

Lunch, standard 6% GST inclusive. Not confusing, no price increase. The vendor had issued a receipt with GST Number that can be verified online.

However, a cup of hot tea at The Big School's Dining Hall cost me 30 Sen equivalent to 15% more than yesterday. This is ... shocking! The exemption has caused the entire chain of supply to attract 6% GST and although as a customer I need not pay any GST on my cup of tea, the cost increase was not absorbed by the canteen operator. In fact, the cost increase was passed on to me in toto as a 15% price increase. 

The good news is price of cars which had previously been charged with Sales Tax of 10% is now GST of 6%, and this "savings" has been transferred to end consumers. Having thought through my options, I have decided to keep Bebe for a couple of years more, in sha Allah.

Do you think GST implementation will change your consumption habits? What steps have you taken to educate your household? Please do share!


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