Thursday, 16 April 2015

Snippets: Sleeping On The Job

The Little Girl reported this during our morning drive to school today:

"Mummy, Mrs. C fell asleep sitting upright at her desk yesterday. It was not during her lesson. I guess Miss V's class was really boring for Mrs. C?"

Mrs. C teaches Science and Art, Miss V teaches Mathematics. Every teacher has a work-desk and chair in the class (as opposed to keeping one at the staff room). Just imagine the lack of privacy as  the entire class can and will see what the teachers are up to. Poor teachers!

I tried consoling The Little Girl. "Maybe Mrs. C was tired from marking all your homework till late at night? Maybe she is not feeling well?"

Her quick retort?

"Give less homework then she can sleep earlier, and she needs to drink more water!"

Oh, dear me. Miss Smarty Pants.

An update as of 30 August 2015: Mrs. C is facing some health complications and had actually mixed up The Little Girl's report card with that of another student. Please pray for Mrs. C to quickly recover and return to vitality. We love you, Mrs. C!


  1. Salam Hampshire Mummy,
    Funny you post about this. I was working on our company HR manual yesterday and one of the sample that I was referring to states sleeping during working hours is subject to disciplinary action. I think we should at least let the staff take a power nap if they are too tired. What do you think?

    1. Salam Puan L,

      I know of senior managers and directors who need their power naps; imagine them being sent to the disciplinary board *giggles*

      I guess the prohibitive clause would be more applicable to front liners, and life-critical positions?