Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easy Peasy Recipe: Turmeric Chicken With Vegetables

Sauté garlic and seal in chicken breast cubes.

Add carrots, potatoes, broccoli and French beans to cook till soft.

Add coconut milk and bring to quick boil and add a small tablespoonful of turmeric  powder to mix well just before serving.

This is the closest my children have come to curry. They call this dish "chicken curry" (obviously not a curry!), and they seem to eat this dish best paired with sushi rice piled on seaweed squares. My kids and their odd combination...of which I will reserve all judgments because I am happy as long as they eat their meals.

Sometimes, we have the vegetarian version of this dish with fusili. 

I have keep trying though. Long way to chilli-anything.

How do you introduce chilli in food to your children, my lovelies? Please do share!


  1. Salam Hampshire Mummy,

    honestly that looks delish! I need to try this too. I wish Laith loves vege as much as your kids does.

    1. Salam Puan L,

      I adapted this recipe from a Negeri Sembilan dish, which calls for birds' chilli, gasp! Have fun trying, hope Master Laith will enjoy some vegetables soon.

      Have a great weekend!

  2. My 2 year old likes it hot. I sometimes let him have a taste of my sambal and he seems to like it. And nowadays he ate his nasi with sambal or masak lemak cili and all. But I don't make it so hot, whenever I masak cili , I will buang the biji2 so it would not be so 'meletup'.