Sunday, 27 September 2015

School Closure, Repeatorama

Haze has officially caused our Big School and Playschool to close for the next 2 days.


Stop Go. 

We received the notices for closure while we were out for lunch with a visiting relative from London, at Cyberview Lodge & Resort. The haze drove us to lunch indoors that Sunday.

Those who face the same predicament would understand why I would not let my children out in this thick smog, allegedly a deadly concoction from corporate greed and bottom line.

Unfortunately, there is no escape (The Other Half has to work, it being month end and all) other than staying at home with some activities for my children. This has forced me to be resourceful and creative yet again. 

*going to verify some of our baking, arts and crafts ideas*

What is in your stay-at-home with children plan? Please do share!


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