Monday, 8 October 2012

Bachelorette Pad

One of the things I did when I turned SAHM was to sell my bachelorette pad.
"After 5 years of being a loyal bachelorette's pad, it is now time to bid adieu to Homey and welcome Mr. Long into his new home. Mr. Long is the son of the current immediate neighbour so he will be really close to his parents. Literally one door away. Or none - if he chooses to break down the wall in the hall that can connect the two units.
The sale of Homey also solves the Musical Houses Game/Puzzle that The Other Half and I have been playing since we got married. After a couple of months of the Game/Puzzle, we came to realise that Homey is unoccupied for most of the time, slightly neglected and slowly becoming a financial liability (especially after deciding that I do not want to be a landlord).
I will be taking the sweet memories with me and leave the sad ones behind as I slowly pack and choose personal belongings to take to my new home(s). The Other Half has some really sweet memories of Homey, as do some of my closest friends who visited from near and far.
Off to my new home(s) with the hope of making new happy memories in them. For a start, MIL is already making plans of buying me new larger wardrobes *heart*!"
After 3 years, I must confess that I only think of the bachelorette pad on rare occasions, and thankful that I have saved myself from possibly pesky tenants.
What about you? Did you sell or rent out your bachelorette pad? Did you renovate it to become a family pad instead?


  1. Selling a home and moving on is something that most people will need to go through, although a difficult move. Glad it turned out well for you, my dear!

  2. Awww, you're so sweet! I confess that I do miss the forest reserve, park and trails but have learnt to adapt to driving there instead of crossing the gate whenever we felt like getting a few mosquito bites :P