Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Retrospective Wisdom: My Pregnancy Dos and Don'ts

My daily activities now revolve around a growing list of restrictive and prohibitive covenants.
1. Cannot drink water (will throw up almost immediately).
2. Cannot carry heavy objects (will feel muscle pull near abdomen).
3. Cannot clean the house (will throw up almost immediately from strong smell of cleaning agents).
4. Cannot sleep well (urinating often from smaller bladder space/cramps from sleeping on my back involuntarily).
5. Cannot travel much (throwing up in the car during the short journey between Shah Alam and KLCC is normal).
6. Cannot go to the office or shopping malls (throwing up after spending too much time indoors/lack of fresh air is not uncommon).
7. Cannot drink any tea except ice lemon tea (taste bud is altered and tea tastes like metal).
8. Cannot carry out DIY jobs at home (PIL, bestie's mother, ex-lady boss and Z all prohibit me from using the hammer/climb step ladder).
9. Cannot eat as I like (raw and undercooked food strictly not allowed for poisoning risks/anything I enjoy which is not favoured by Jr. usually backs up).
10. Cannot this, cannot that (the list goes on, apparently for my own good).

Am I used to this? No!
Am I enjoying this? No!
Do I have a choice? No!
So there, for now, I shall just be patient and live with the cannot(s) for the duration of this pregnancy.

**Retrospective Wisdom: All in the name of safety for the pregnant body and shifted centre of gravity, the seemingly prohibitive lifestyle and experience was not all that bad. Just go which activities you can handle/enjoy without harming yourself and the growing fetus.** 


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