Monday, 29 October 2012

Second Pregnancy: Sleepless in the City

We were rudely awakened at midnight of 29 October 2012 from hearing a loud thud.

Much to our horror, The Little Girl had fallen  her toddler bed onto the hard timber flooring. She must have rolled over the side protection bars as well as over the side pillows!

Like a thunderbolt, I jumped from my side of the bed to the ground where she landed in matters of seconds. Thankfully, I managed to catch her in my arms before her first wail to cushion her shock and pain.
Quickly, we turned on the bathroom lights to inspect for any cuts (none, thankfully!). The Other Half and I then dashed out to the kitchen for the omnipresent ice pack in the freezer (you can guess we took this very useful piece of advice from his parents very seriously). The ice pack was immediately placed it over her head to reduce any possible swelling.

After we had placed ice pack over her pain sites, she calmed down enough to ask to nurse...she then drifted back to slumber and is now happily snoring in dreamland while I remain watchful, just in case she throws up.

This is also my first night of heartburn too...and it is tough to go back to sleep so I am hoping the cup of milk and one cup of blueberries will help (so will blog-hopping and reading, judging from experience).

Perfect time to re-read Surah Ar-Maryam, so toodles, peeps!
An update: No swells, no bruises. Thank you, Mr Ice Pack!


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