Monday, 15 April 2013

Light Urinary Leakage

I did not have LUL/bladder control problems during my first pregnancy. After the birth of The Little Girl, I had a slight reduction of control but that quickly resolved itself with Kegel.

Not all women have weak pelvic muscles. Bless those who don't. And please do not jeer at those who do. Everyone is built differently.

Luckily for me, my current ob-gyn is a specialist in this area as well. Dr. Seri Suniza Sufian referred me to a physiotherapist by the name of Neng at PCMC. Hydrotherapy was prescribed alongside the correct method for Kegel. Thanks to a quick troubleshoot and treatment with continued exercise at home, I have regained control over my bladders. Bye bye LUL for now.
Golden question: How to you manage pregnancy related LUL or incontinence?
From my personal experience:
1. A normal panty liner may be sufficient for the super light leaks. Hint: Poise.
2. A maxi pad may be called for if the volume of accidental leaks increase with the added pressure towards the second and third trimester. However, urine and menstrual discharge are not the same and as such, require different products. Hint: Poise.
3. An adult diaper may see you through a long sit down conference or seminar without any embarrassment, especially if you are also suffering from fits of coughs in your third trimester.
Which would you choose?
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