Sunday, 14 April 2013

Second Pregnancy: Week 26

I have been so sluggish with this update *blushing in shame* unlike during my first pregnancy when I was so free and diligent to update on a weekly basis.
Our last check up was on 21 March 2013.
Ooh, that is a long time ago and now my updates are not up to date *double blush in shame*...
Anyways, the Little Bean was quite quiet during the scan and evidently sucking on right arm when the scan was taken. Pretty much like how The Little Girl was as a newborn, peacefully sucking on a thumb or arm or fist to self soothe. Eventually after birth, the paediatrician is sure to recommend moving the thumb/arm/fist away to prevent sucking on germs and bacteria, sigh. We do not give pacifiers too for the same hygiene reasons which leave me as the human pacifier. Tsk tsk tsk!
Wishful thinking: If only there is magically no germs and bacteria on baby's thumb/arm/fist and The Little Bean can continue to self-soothe that way.
Estimated weight: 1 kg. Mummy's weight: 58.4 kg. Other measurements all look normal and at par for gestation age. That put me at ease somewhat knowing that The Little Bean has gained some weight and is growing well despite Mummy being down with bronchitis, alhamdulillah!
The flutters that progressed into kicks and punches have slowly changed into Mexican waves and softer but bigger movements, signifying a slightly bigger size of baby within me.
On a more interesting note, we went to one session of physiotherapy, and one session of hydrotherapy. The hydrotherapy session was really relaxing and I had Braxton-Hicks twice. Definitely will return once the dust settles at home (literally too!). Being in a heated pool calms and relaxes all my muscles. Next project involves shopping for a much more accommodating baby doll with shorts type of swimwear (and larger maternity wear), to accommodate my bigger build.
The leg cramps and pelvic cramps have all set in, with the occasional baby head down position resulting in added pressure on bladder/nerves. Every time I consume calcium with vitamin D tablets, I throw up. I have given up and just resort to consuming more nano-calcium laden yoghurt, milk, bananas and ultimately, some light stretching before sleeping.
My nipples cracked too, from all that rapid expansion but luckily, Lansinoh works well for me. The skin is so dry and thirsty it soaks up every drop of almond oil that I rub on in an instant. My pedicurist is pampering me with slightly more scrubs and heel balm too, bless her!
The fatigue? Let's just say I am so glad that most of the shopping for The Little Bean is complete. How else would I find enough time and energy to scout around for the right price and good deals? I took my own good advice/experience from first pregnancy, hah!
Perhaps I should pack my hospital bag, just so that I can tick it off my checklist of things to do.
Until the next check up in mid April, stay happy!

Measurements taken by Dr. Seri Suniza Sufian on 21.03.2013:

BPD: 6.54 cm (was 5.53 cm)

Head circumference: 24.01 cm (was 20 cm)

Abdominal circumference: 21.55 cm (was 16.94 cm)

Femur length: 4.89 cm (was 3.54 cm)

Estimated fetal weight: 906 g (was 444 g)


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