Sunday, 14 April 2013

Busy Bee

Please pardon the long silence and lack of updates. We have all been terribly busy since the last entry!

Let's see...

1. The laptop battery died on us. It had to be sent to Sony for assessment/diagnosis (took them a week!) then a placement for new battery (we have yet to receive what we have ordered and are still waiting - deposit has been paid too). Seriously thinking of getting a MacBook!

2. My MIL successfully underwent a surgery to correct a prolapse and is recovering. She is not allowed to carry any weight more than 3kg for the next 6 months. As such, she has stopped looking after The Little Girl until further notice.

3. The Little Girl is on school break for 3 weeks, and without The Grandparents around, she is 100% around me and The Other Half. Needless to say, her energy level is so high there is no way we both can match hers. Results: Exhausted parents. Super exhausted parents.

4. Paint chips on door frames. Never underestimate fine dust emitted as ours proved to be an annoying allergen (an expensive affair to treat our chocked lungs). After thousands of good ringgit being spent at the respiratory specialists' clinic for all of us, my doctor finally narrowed the allergen down to fine dust (he asked if I live next to a construction site after going through a long check list for his assessment and diagnosis questions). I then had a light blub moment. The paint of on our door frames at home have serious chips/flaking. Luxury condominium my bottom! Poor workmanship/cold contraction/heat expansion does not discriminate. So we got ours fixed. Independent contractors came in, sanded all the old paint off, put in tropical sealant, painted the frames back to its former glory, so we pray.

5. Work from home husband. Did I tell you how much I love The Other Half? Seeing all the above has been stressing me out/ causing much exhaustion-aches-pains-Braxton Hicks, he had resigned from his full time employment as an IT Engineer. He is now a stay and work from home father (yes, quite rare and luxurious unusual in Malaysia despite being in Gen Y era, quit a professional position to work with the family business from home), while I have been and will continue to be a stay and work from home mother (clap hands, please!). Hopefully we will cope better as a team.

6. Annual continued professional education. I was away for 4 days to update my skills, refresh my knowledge and network with my peers. This is something I have to do as part of my post professional education qualification, which results in me being able to continue to work from home. One word for company secretarial work going online: BRAVO!

7. Car trade-in. The Other Half has had his Honda City for 6 years now and whilst it served us all very well (oh, those romantic dating days), we also need a bigger family utility vehicle. So we have traded in the sedan for a SUV. Waiting with bated breath for new SUV to arrive!

8. Back to the dust issue: We bought ourselves a Rainbow cleaning system. It is impressive. Never in my life have I seen so much dust, dead skin, dust mite, dust mite eggs what-nots being collected from my mattresses, carpets, floors, air, soft toys, wall papers etc. Money well spent. We can finally sleep without coughing our lungs out. Couldn't help but recommend it to close friends! Read about one of them here.

9. Personal income tax. Needs no explanation, this one.

10. Finally planning a staycation. We could not plan for a vacation earlier as we were waiting for the Parliament dissolution and Polling Date to be announced. Now that we know, a staycation is in order!

That's how busy we have been.

Do share, how busy have you been? *smile*


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